November 26, 2015 0 Comments Life, Must Have

Cool For The Summer: Why You Definitely Need One Of These On-Trend Beach Towels Before Hitting The Sand This Summer


When it comes to hitting the beach in style we often think about flattering swimsuits, tinted sunglasses and even comfy sandals – but we rarely spare a thought for the towel we will be  splayed across!

This summer being on-trend at the beach is all about having the right beach towel, and not just the standard fluffy kind currently stuffed in your linen cupboard, but the type with enough charm that will get people asking ‘where did you buy that from?’.

I’ve selected 5 of the most stylish beach towels ranging from chic European linens to the new large round type that are perfect to fit you and your bestie (or summer fling ha!).

If your current beach towel is looking a little sad, shop my picks below!