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Exclusive Recipe: Bondi Harvest x Blackmores Superfoods Zucchini & Chimichurri Breakfast Bowl


Hi gorgeous people,

Last week I attended the media launch of Blackmores Superfoods Nature Boost range in Sydney. I was treated to healthy snacks, a yoga class instructed by Kate Kendall of Paddington’s Flow Athletic, a DIY breakfast bowl making session and even a cooking demonstration by the lovely Bondi Harvest boys.

It was a really great way to start the day and I felt fully energised by the time I got home mid-morning. I think this was partly due to my body being super-charged after eating all the delicious treats that were sprinkled with Blackmores new Superfoods powders.


A little on the powders – there are six in the range including Vitality Super Greens, Coconut Water, Wild Blueberry Blend, Single Origin Cocoa, Matcha Green Tea and Raw Chia.

All of the above Superfood powders are extremely healthy and delicious in their own right, but Blackmores has been very clever and boosted them with additional nutrients extracted from real foods like:

  • Magnesium sourced from the sea
  • Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from an organic food extracts including guava, holy basil and lemon
  • Vitamin C from organic Indian gooseberry
  • Antioxidants sourced from organic acerola (Barbados cherry)


Because I had such a fab morning tasting all of the genuinely delicious recipes made by the Bondi Harvest boys, I thought it would be great to share one of the yummy brekkie options made on the day that you can whip up yourself at home!

Blackmores and Bondi Harvest were kind enough to let me post this recipe on how to make their super delicious and easy-peasy Zucchini & Chimichurri Breakfast Bowl. Follow the simple how-to below, I’m sure you will be drooling!

Bondi Harvest x Blackmores Superfoods Nature Boost Zucchini & Chimichurri Breakfast Bowl



● 2 green zucchinis

● 1 cup chopped parsley

● 1 cup chopped coriander

● 1/2 cup chopped oregano

● 1 garlic clove (finely chopped)

● 200ml extra virgin olive oil

● 1 1/2 tbs red wine vinegar

● 1 tbs balsamic vinegar

● Small pinch dried chilli

● Rind from 1 lemon

● 3 kale leaves

● 1 tbs Blackmores Vitality Greens

● Salt and pepper



1. For Chimichurri: Combine herbs, garlic, Blackmores Vitality Super Greens, oil, vinegar, balsamic, lemon rind, chilli, salt and pepper in a bowl.

2. Slice zucchinis by hand or using a mandolin into noodles, then in a mixing bowl, mix through with chimichurri, kale and season with salt and pepper, and serve.

The boys from Bondi Harvest whipped this up is less then 10 minutes flat. Because you’ll be marinating the zucchini noodles with the chimichurri that features citric acid from lemon zest, red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar, you’ll find the noodles will soften and be easy to eat (the exact same way ceviche works!).

Another great tip the boys shared was to grate the lemon rind over your bowl of chimichurri ingredients as you want the near-invisible oils of the lemon rind to fall into the bowl and create more flavour. No point waisting them on your wooden chopping board is there?

That’s it beauties! This recipe is big on health benefits and taste. Eating healthy is the quickest way to glowing skin and we’re all about that! Let me know below if you make this yummy brekkie and if you liked it!

SS x