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How To Get Irina Shayk’s Perky Toned Beach Butt (We All Saw Her Bikini Pics With Bradley Cooper!) According To Celebrity Trainer Justin Gelband


Anyone who saw the pictures of Russian supermodel Irina Shayk lying on a pebbly beach on the Amalfi Coast with Bradley Cooper in August would have thought the same thing:

‘How does her butt look so good?! These are paparazzi snaps! They aren’t even re-touched!’.

I’m not often impressed with magazine fitness editorials because I know how much photoshopping goes into making someone look fab. However, because these are candid snaps, even I was starring at her butt for too long.

See below.


After doing some research I found out what workouts the stunning brunette Sports Illustrated swimsuit model does to tone her tush. Harper’s Baazar interviewed Irina’s trainer Justin Gelband on how he gets the model toned and lean before any big shoot or runway show.

Justin has also trained models like our very own Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Erin Heatherton, Behati Prinsloo, Anne Vyalitsyna and Maryna Linchuk just to name only a few. With this in mind (or with those bodies in mind) I think we can trust his advice.

So when it comes to creating a toned butt like Irina’s, this is his trusty fitness tip to make it happen:

I recommend a bicycle row. Get on all fours and reach your arm towards the wall and then back towards your hip. At the same time, raise the opposite leg, raise it straight up behind you engaging your abs and bring it back down to the floor. Do 12 reps on each side.”

Here’s an example video featuring Justin incase that sounded like another language (it did to me!).

Of course there is more to getting Irina’s butt then just this one move. Justin also recommends:

  1. Reducing carb meals to only twice a week and even then stick to carbohydrates that you get from vegetables, brown rice and Ezekiel breads (sprouted grain breads).
  2. Cut sugar (except for berries), salt and alcohol.
  3. Cut out the hour plus cardio sessions and focus on 30 minutes of interval training every day to boost your metabolism and burn extra fat. When on a treadmill or cross trainer, switch the level from a 6 building to a 9 and then drop back down to 6 and build back up again during your half hour jog.
  4. Don’t sprint on the treadmill – you’ll only build bulky muscle and not lean tissue.
  5. Mix up interval training with Pilates, yoga or kickboxing classes several times a week.

There you have it my loves! How to build a butt like Irina Shayk. Do keep in mind that models are genetically blessed and are born with long limbs and lean muscle tissue. Yes, we can all aim to live a healthy lifestyle and in doing so look a lot sexier – but we need to embrace our natural shape and rock what we’ve got!

SS x