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I’ve got something juicy to tell you…

Okay, that was cheeky. The truth is it’s all about juice detoxes! I knew the header would get you in. Since you’ve already up to here though, you might as well take something away with it right?

Juice cleansing has been said to be more a lifestyle rather than just a drink. Human beings – we’re such funny creatures – we create segregation in our minds about what social tribes we belong to. We look to indicators such as common interests like sport, fashion, hobbies … and interestingly one of the latest, food consumption!

Just look to your Instagram feed. You’re bound to see a dozen or so photos fresh from recent lunch hours, or dinner times, of what we’ve just eaten. Some post grilled salmon on a bed of baby spinach with hash tags #intafood #foodporn #healthylife #youarewhatyoueat #instafit.

Megan Fox loves a green juice cleanse!

You see, if you too are interested in the above, you subconsciously feel as if you share a bond with said Instagramer, even if your common ground lies in really, just what you put into your mouth!

Right now in fact is the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge by simplegreensmoothies.com Check it out! My feed has been spammed by health conscious friends that are slurp happy with this new social networking event.

The title speaks for itself; you drink all green goodness for thirty days to reap glowy skin and a boost in both your energy levels and metabolism. Sounds pretty good to me, and well placed on the calender as well. Who isn’t after a healthy change once we ring in the New Year?

I’ve also embarked on a juice detox. Common questions I’ve been asked are “do you drink just juice and eliminate all food? Do you feel sick while doing it? Do you get a sore stomach and pass wind (gross – sorry!) Have you noticed a difference?”

To answer all of the above quiet quickly – No, no, yes sort of, and yes!

My juice cleanse doesn’t eliminate food, mainly because I’m not after weight loss, but to improve my skin by giving it a natural glow – minus my trusty M.A.C illuminator. I’ve been juicing for a whole week now, and indulge in a large glass once a day. Any more than one, I believe you’re either over doing it or digesting too much natural sugar from the fruits. I haven’t had a sore stomach at all, but yes I have had the embarrassment of sudden gas! And finally, I have felt an overall difference in my skin, it’s plumper, and my energy levels are soaring. Despite getting cray-cray on Christmas Eve, Christmas night, NYE and an abundance of bbq’s, my eyes are not lack lustre and I’m not strewn across the couch wallowing in self-pity. Juice… it’s pretty powerful stuff!

Here are my two favourite recipes! One is more hard-core (and not just because I left in an occasion apple core) with the blend based on many veggies, the other is more tropical and fruity, totally easy to swallow!

Maroon Makeover:


·         Beetroot

·         Parsley

·         Mint

·         Carrot

·         Celery

·         Baby spinach

·         Lemon

·         Apple

·         Ginger

Blend away baby! The end result due to the rich pigment in beetroot is rather maroon, the lemon helps to add a citrus zing making it pretty drinkable, as does the apple and the ginger gives it a slight exotic kick. This isn’t a juice you will fall in love with for flavour, but the results are well worth it.

Fruity Tooti Sunrise


·         Mango

·         Blue berries

·         Strawberries

·         Lemon

·         Kiwi fruit

·         Banana

·         Pomegranate

·         Watermelon

·         Mint

·         Honey

This is very delish – you will want to drink this regardless of the wonderful antioxidant rich ingredients. I add a tiny amount of natural manuka honey, it’s great for your skin and a lovely natural sweetener!

Have any of you juiced before?

SS x