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Latest health drink: What is dandelion coffee and should I be drinking it? Here’s my review!

dandelion coffee health drink

Most of us know dandelions as the cute fluffy flowers (or weeds actually) that we blow on to make a wish.

But did you know the roots of dandelions are now being used to create the hottest health drink going in 2016?

If you love the flavour of coffee you’ll be happy to know dandelion coffee is now an actual thing. Made from roasted dandelion root, dandelion blends not only resemble instant coffee granules but even, kind of, taste like the real thing.

The main difference in taste is the fact it has a charred-wood flavour. Don’t ask me how I know what charred-wood tastes like, I just do. I have a very sensitive palette.


Dandelion was first used in traditional Chinese medicine (just like Kombucha), for its anti-inflammatory benefits. It also aids in digestion and cleanses the liver (good after a crazy weekend).

Health lovers will also be happy to know that the granules are lactose free, gluten free and 100% natural.

With all these positives, there is one big negative in my opinion: it doesn’t actually contain caffeine even thought it looks like instant coffee. One of the main reasons I drink coffee is for the kick!

If you are, however, looking for an alternative to de-caffeinated coffee that offers amazing health benefits, a mug of dandelion can be consumed hot or cold making it the perfect and trendy health drink for summer or winter.

Dandelion Coffee review

I picked up my jar from About Life for $7.50 by a brand called Bonvit.

Top tip: Even though the granules look like instant coffee (making you think they will dissolve with hot water) they tend to float around a bit at the top of your mug. I recommend using a tea plunger so you don’t get any little bits stuck in your throat, or worse teeth.

Will you be giving dandelion coffee a go? Do you drink coffee for the caffeine hit or for the flavour? Let me know below!

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