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Must-Have: If You’re Going To Make Friends With Salad, Make Sure You Have A Pair Of Chic Salad Servers


With summer comes salads, and lots of them.

When presenting your Insta-worthy bowl of goodness, make dishing out the salad a cinch with a pair of cute and crafty servers.

You’ll receive just as many compliments on the beautiful utensils as you do on the Ottolenghi recipe itself!

Here are my three current favourites, all made from different materials with plenty of texture!

Dinosaur Designs Resin Flower Servers


I love this two-tone blue resin pair by Dinosaur Designs. They are pretty much art!

Shop: Dinosaur Designs Resin Flower Servers, $120

Country Road Romy Salad Servers


Made from solid oak, these serving spoons have a thick, paddle profile with a low natural scoop.

Shop: Country Road Romy Salad Servers, $24.95

Papaya Flint Bisque Spoon Set


These two rustic spoons are made from white and dark clay. I love the gorgeous texture. They also double up as great soup ladles in winter!

Shop: Papaya Flint Bisque Spoons, $14.95

Which pair do you like the most? Let me know below!

SS x