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The Correct Way To Zest A Lemon To Get The Most Nutritional Value & Better Flavour!


We all probably think we know how to zest a lemon. How hard can it be?!

Surprisingly, you might be actually doing it wrong. I personally realised this when I recently attended the Blackmores Superfoods breakfast hosted by Guy Turland and Mark Alston behind ultra popular Bondi Harvest.

While making a delicious Zucchini Chimichurri (get the recipe here) Guy started to zest a lemon. He didn’t just grab a small zester/grater and start shaving away at the rind on top of the chopping board the way I normally would.

He first massaged the lemon on top of the board to soften it, then he took the grater and zested the lemon over the bowl of chimichurri he was creating.


He made note of this because so many of us zest fruit on top of a chopping board and lose all of the essential oils into the wood of the board, instead of them falling into our bowl.

There really is no point zesting anything on a chopping board and losing all of that extra nutritional value and more importantly flavour.

The powerful essential oils inside a lemon peel are filled with amazing enzymes that can help to improve your metabolism. They also carry high levels of vitamin A, C, calcium and iron.

Very interesting indeed! Next time you zest anything, do it over the bowl!

Is this news to you? Do you zest often during cooking prep?

SS x