February 11, 2016 0 Comments Fitspiration

YouTube Fitness Video Of The Week: 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout With BodyFit By Amy


Happy Thursday people!

From this Thursday on, I’ll be posting a YouTube fitness video that I have personally sweated to in my very own lounge room.

I’ve really started to enjoy YouTube fitness videos because they are perfect for when you’re time poor and need to fit in at least a 10-30 minute workout during your busy day.

kettlebell 6kg weight Kmart Fitness

Shop: Kmart 6kg Kettlebell, $15

Even though my gym is only 15 minutes down the road, by the time I drive over, find a car park, put my things in a locker and jump on a treadmill, close to 30 minutes has passed – the exact same time it would take to break a real sweat to one of these videos on my lounge room floor.

This week I’m featuring an amazing 10 minute kettlebell workout by BodyFit by Amy. All you will need is a yoga mat to stand on (good for support and for your warm up and cool down stretches) a kettlebell (I picked my 6kg weight from Kmart for $15! Win!) and wifi to watch the video.

mukti yoga mat grounded

Shop: Mukti Natural Grounded Yoga Mat, $84.95

I normally watch my YouTube fitness videos on a wide screen TV, but you can just use your laptop/iPad/phone and get the same experience.

This workout is very hard (even though it only goes for 10 minutes) so I recommend a really thorough warm up/cool down before and after. I couldn’t sit down properly for three days afterwards – probably because I used a 6kg weight straight off the bat!