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Burn Baby Burn: 5 Candles For Every Budget That Will Make Your Home Insanely Cosy & Smell Like A Florist


Left to right: Glasshouse Coney Island, The Luxuriate Patchouli & Sandalwood, Circa Home Oceanique, Diptyque Tubéreuse, Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud

Nothing is nicer than coming home after a long day and lighting one of your favourite candles.

Here are five gorgeous candles sitting pretty in my apartment at the moment that are on constant high-rotation. Each is unique with it’s own scent, size, packaging, burn time and cost.

Read more about each below and shop them online!

Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Candle


They Say: To uplift, to wind down, or simply to add an air of luxury. Transform the atmosphere with the scent of darkest Damask rose. Wrapped with smoky oud wood. Spiked with clove, decadent with praline. Magnetic.

I Say: One of the most gorgeous candles I have ever owned. The smell of fresh velvety roses will fill any living space and make it smell like the most exquisite florist. The scent isn’t overpowering at all, but completely romantic and fresh without being sickly-sweet or too feminine. This is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you really love.

Burn Time: 45 hours

Packaging: A stunning black glass jar with silver lid to keep your candle as fresh as possible for as long as possible. Jo Malone candles are effortlessly chic and make a real statement in any home.

Shop It: Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud 200g, $105

The Luxuriate Patchouli & Sandalwood Candle


They Say: A deep, powerful & sensual fragrance that will create warmth in any space. A strong base of sandalwood, cedar wood, white musk, vanilla & patchouli and fresh top notes of bergamot and lemon peel. The aromatic scent of patchouli is also a perfect relaxant.

I Say: I’ll admit that what first attracted me to this candle was the marble exterior, but after burning this candle I noticed how strong and mesmerising the scent was. It filled my apartment with the most amazing deep musky smell instantly, so I only really needed it lit for an hour max. For this reason you’ll get a lot of burn time from this candle as you’ll only really need it alight for a small amount of time to reap the full fragrant benefits.

Burn Time: 50 hours

Packaging: In a luxe authentic marble holder with copper lid (you can choose from a black, gold or copper lid). The marble does hold some weight and looks stunning when placed anywhere in your home.

Shop It: The Luxuriate Patchouli & Sandalwood 200g, $99

Diptyque Tubéreuse Candle


They Say: This Diptyque candle is true to the intoxicating scent of the tuberose, a white bulbous flower native to Mexico. With its feminine floral bulb this candle will leave any room with a strong sensual perfume.

I Say: luxurious French beauty brand Diptyque never gets it wrong when it comes to making their cult-like candles. I’ve been pretty loyal to their other fragrance Baies for a long time, but I decided to try Tubéreuse to spice things up and I’ve been really happy with the smell. The scent is clean, floral and is able to fill my whole apartment in less than 10 minutes! I receive so many compliments on this candle when I have it burning, even from people living in my apartment block a few floors up!

Burn Time: 50 – 60 hours

Packaging: The extreamly iconic clear glass jar with monocrhomatic circular label. I love to clean these jars out once I’m done with them and use as makeup brush holders.

Shop It: Diptyque Tubéreuse 190g, $78

Glasshouse Coney Island Candle


They Say: Bright lights, carousel music and infinite fun. Step right up to Coney Island, NYC’s original amusement park, for a magical blend of burnt sugar and fig that inspires clowning around.

I Say: What a fun and peppy scent. I think this is the perfect candle to burn throughout the day to reenergise while pottering around or doing some work. This candle stays true to its word, you can really smell a strong scent of burnt sugar and fig. Warning: This scent will make you hungry and prone to snaking on delicious sugary treats. You might even be inclined to start baking. As you can probably tell from my candle shot above, this candle gets a lot of use in my apartment.

Burn Time: Up to 80 hours

Packaging: In the signature Glasshouse glass jar with gorgeous vintage style glass lid.

Shop It: Glasshouse Coney Island 350g, $42.95

Circa Home Oceanique


They Say: Swaying gently in a hammock on the verandah, rustled by a light ocean breeze. Let yourself drift to 1979, when the world was changing, yet everything seemed the same, and be uplifted by this blend of Orange Blossom and Bergamot floating over a base of Patchouli and Sandalwood.

I Say: This candle reminds me so much of Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio male fragrance – masculine, sexy and fresh. I think this candle is perfect to burn this spring/summer as it has a really nice airy and uplighting scent thanks to the orange blossom and bergamot. I have to say, at this price point, this is one of the best candles to invest in for your home! Jump to it!

Burn Time: 45 hours

Packaging: Lovely foggy white glass jar with unique wooden lid. The glass and the lid are both 100% recyclable.

Shop It: Circa Home Oceanique 260g, $29.95

Are you a candle hoarder? What brands are your favourite? Have you tried any of the above scents? Do you have an candle recommendations for me?

SS x